TEC Business Services Corp. (TBiz) providing you with the highest quality human resource solutions.

International Services

TBiz provides clients with various International Services as follows:

Dispatch & Placement Services

Dispatch Service

TBiz is specialized in dispatch of engineers and professionals of various categories and nationalities. We are very experienced in various job locations both onshore and offshore, local and overseas.

Oil & Gas EPC Engineers
Oil & Gas Supervisors
Contract Consultants
Quantity Surveyors
IT Engineers
Filipino, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, Malaysian, British, Canadian, and other nationalities

Placement Service

TBiz also provides clients with placement services of qualified engineers and professionals.

VISA Service

VISA Support

TBiz provides clients with support for VISA application for Certificate of Eligibility, VISA Extension, Re-Entry Permit, etc. Consulting service is also available.

Alien Registration

We provide attending service for Alien Registration at City Office/Ward Office.

Airport Pick Up

We provide meeting service as well as transportation arrangement such as taxi, minibus, chartered bus.

Accommodation Service


Booking, Deputy to pay room charge upon request

Furnished Apartment, Serviced Apartment

Booking, Contract, Deputy to pay rent

Setup of Unfurnished Apartment

Attending to house hunting, Contract, Arrangement of lease furniture, Notice to utility companies, Deputy to pay rent and utilities

Deputy to pay daily allowance

We provide deputy service to pay daily allowance for resident officers stationed in Japan.

Attending Service

We provide attending service for study tour, sightseeing, city hall, hospital visit, etc.

We are ready to provide various services upon your request.
Please feel free to contact us for more information or any inquiries.

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