TEC Business Services Corp. (TBiz) providing you with the highest quality human resource solutions.

Business Activities

TBiz covers all types of human resources solutions especially for plant engineering.

International services for;

Various international services to meet the clients' needs.
・Dispatch & Placement Services
・VISA Service
・Airport Pick Up
・Accommodation Service
・Deputy to pay daily allowance
・Attending Service

Translation & interpretation services for;

Translation and interpretation in various technical fields such as information technology (computer manual (software, hardware)), plant engineering and business, etc.,
* Language: English. French. Germany, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and others

Office staffing services for;

Operation of various office automation equipment, accounting, filling, secretary, reception, telephone operators, sales promotion, marketing, international trade business, clerk typing, etc.

TBiz staffing service provides efficient and accurate clerical works of variety of divisions in a company.
We provide experienced skilled operators and specialists for office equipment, machines and communication media to support your business.

Technical staffing services for;

Estimation, proposal, construction, designing, procurement, scheduling, operation, project coordination, site supervision, etc.

Placement & recruiting services for;

Matching and recommending a qualified person suitable for the client's various requirements.

Outsourcing services for;

Call center operation, manufacturing-line operation, warehouse work operation, pre-approved credit offer, dispatching sales person, etc.

IT solutions/services for;

Dispatching temporally IT engineer, software development/implementation/customizing using various programming language and database.

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