International Services

We provide a range of procedures related to inviting and dispatching of foreign engineers, managing accommodation, and attending services. Please feel free to contact us regarding hiring and welcoming foreign nationals.

  • MERIT01

    Know-how for dealing with all occupations and nationalities

    Our know-how, based on over 30 years’ experience, covers all occupations and nationalities.

  • MERIT02

    Support for all aspects of daily life

    We provide assistance for obtaining work visas, preparing accommodation, general lifestyle support, dealing with problems, and more.

  • MERIT03

    High retention rate helps eliminate staff shortages

    Our high retention rate is achieved through careful and attentive support for every individual.

Dispatch of Foreign Workers
and Dispatch-related

Total support for foreign workers, from dispatching to assisting them to develop their daily lives in Japan

For over 30 years, we have been providing dispatch and invitation services for foreign engineers of all occupations and nationalities.
We support all processes up to the start of employment, including recruiting, obtaining work visas, and preparing accommodation.
During employment, our full-time coordinators provide courteous services and support their daily lives and activities.

Work Categories Plant engineers / Document controllers / Site supervisors /
IT engineers / Consultants / Procurement / Research jobs
Nationalities Filipino (*) / Indian / Chinese / Taiwanese / Korean / Malaysian / Indonesian / Singaporean / Thai / Nepalese / Ukrainian / Uzbekistan / Russian / German / British / Syrian / Palestinian / Canadian / Egyptian / Iranian / Iraqi / Brazilian
  • We have received certification from the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) as an organization that accepts Filipino workers in Japan.

TEC Business Services will help you solve your problems



    We are considering hiring foreign workers because we are short of staff, but we do not know where to start.

    • We will listen carefully to your business requirements and propose the most suitable staffing solutions as soon as possible.
    • We can provide full support from obtaining work visas, preparing accommodation, assisting travel to Japan, and supporting the initial period of work.

    Quickly hire foreign workers with skills you require and eliminate staff shortages.



    We worry about whether foreign workers will be able to adapt to life in Japan because we cannot provide specific support.

    • We provide specific support such as instructions on how to use home appliances, how to dispose of garbage, and guidance about housing-related issues in order to relieve anxiety that many people experience immediately after arriving in Japan.
    • Full-time coordinators provide support tailored to each individual’s personality to help them adjust to life in Japan.
    • This support will enable workers to become more confident and perform well in their jobs.
    • They will be able to function efficiently as core personnel in the company for long periods.