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TBiz deploys the following security measures in order to protect the personal information of customers who visit TBiz's website.

Protection by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)


Personal data received from customers who visit TBiz's website from data entry to registration is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. SSL prevents customers' personal information from being intercepted or falsified. The icon below appears at the bottom right of a user's browser when a user accesses Web pages that use SSL:
Internet Explorer >Privacy Policy , Netscape >Privacy Policy

SECOM SSL Certification

- Safety of communication by 128 bit encryption

This is an indispensable feature to ensure safe and secure exchange of information through the Internet. Personal information such as name, address and contact addresses should be protected at the time of submission via questionnaires and/or entry forms. With this feature, interception by a third-party is prevented by encryption of data sent from customers who visit TBiz's website.

- SSL certification per domain

- Certificate of existence of the enterprise that owns the website

- Display of Web sticker

- Compatible with POP over SSL, SMTP over SSL, and FTP over SSL


TBiz uses cookies to customize or personalize websites in order to repeatedly better meet visiting customer's individual expectations and requirements. A cookie is technology that enables a Web server to retrieve information from a user's computer that reveals prior browsing activities of the user. A cookie is a component of data that a website can send to a user's browser, which may then be stored on a user's system.
You have the capability to set your browser to notify you when a cookie is being received allowing you the opportunity to accept or decline cookies. However, if you set your browser to decline cookies, you may have problems when you use our services. Cookies are used only for the purpose of management of personal information.

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