Basic Policy and Information Security Policy for ISO 27001

Basic Policy TEC Business Services Corporation makes it a top priority to provide services that meet the expectations of all our customers.
All employees involved in our operations shall recognize information security as one of the most important business management issues, rigorously manage customer information and corporate information assets and protect them against any security threats. The employees can subsequently help customers feel a sense of security and earn their trust, and feel confidence and pride in the services they provide.
To implement the services outlined in the basic policy, we have established the following information security policy to make good use of our information security management system in order to implement continuous business improvement.
Information Security Policy

To maintain the confidentiality of the information assets that we hold and manage, we have established the following Information Security Policy in accordance with the Basic Policy and created related action guidelines for all employees involved in translation services.

  • Analyze and evaluate possible risks that may exist in regards to information assets, take appropriate information security measures and establish a system to protect information assets from potential risks.
  • Comply with laws such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Copyright Act, Act on Prohibition of Unauthorized Computer Access, and business contracts and ISMS related regulations and standards.
  • Strive to prevent accidents related to information security, and in the event an accident occurs, clarify the cause and take measures to prevent a recurrence.
  • Conduct periodic education and training regarding information security for employees, and strive to maintain accurate knowledge about information security and raise awareness of such.
  • Clarify risks and take countermeasures against them to improve customer satisfaction and ensure stable business continuity.

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Revised on April 1, 2017
June 26, 2023

Toyohisa Tsuzuki

Representative Director/President
TEC Business Services Corporation