Quality Policy

Basic Policy TEC Business Services Corporation makes it a top priority to provide services that meet the expectations of all our customers.
All employees involved in our operations seek to improve our services and drive improvement and rationalization of our business procedures. The employees consequently enhance customer satisfaction, earn customers’ trust, and feel confidence and pride in the services they provide.
To implement the services outlined in the basic policy, we have established the following quality policy to make good use of our quality management system in order to implement continuous business improvement.
Quality Policy

To deliver services that meet our customers’ expectations, we have established the following quality-related action guidelines for all employees involved in translation services.

  • Correctly understand customer needs and expectations and appropriately plan our business processes
  • Ensure fidelity in planned business processes
  • Conduct appropriate inspections and verifications
  • Understand and analyze customer satisfaction on a continuous basis to reflect findings in business improvement activities
  • Implement an effective program for fostering human resources based on fair assessment of employees’ abilities and to maintain the driving force of our business

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Translation Services

ISO9001 Certification MarkISO9001 Certification Mark

Revised on January 1, 2017
June 26, 2023

Toyohisa Tsuzuki

Representative Director/President
TEC Business Services Corporation