and Interpretation Services

We can provide high-quality translation and interpretation services that meet global standards.

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Translation Services

Translation services provided by language experts that meet global quality standards

Experienced language experts provide high-quality translation services that meet global standards. Dedicated coordinators will accurately comprehend your requirements and challenges, and propose optimal solutions. We ensure that you will be satisfied with the final product.

IT Localization

We translate user interfaces of IT products, online help functions, training and marketing materials, and other items. We can manage a wide range of translation-related tasks, including proofreading for web publications, translation of video content with word limits, recording and production of audio files, and language testing (tests on actual devices).

TEC Business Services Corporation is a SAP Language Service Partner that is globally certified by SAP SE. We have worked with SAP for over 25 years, and received a Long Service Award in 2022. The Long Service Award is a prestigious honor that is only given to seven companies worldwide.

  • Document Translations

    We can translate technical documents, manuals, drawings, specifications, contracts, and any other documents in the file formats you specify. We can propose solutions that utilize human and machine translation (MT) effectively to suit your budget and delivery requirements.

    Available Languages English / Chinese / Korean / Spanish / French / Portuguese / Vietnamese / Thai / Russian / Other rare languages
  • Translation Staffing

    We will send personnel who best match your business requirements.

    On-site Translation We can send translators who can join your project teams.
    Project Management We also handle project management and administration.
    Others Content editing, testing using actual machines, etc.

Interpretation Services

INTERPRETATION SERVICE Interpretation ServicesINTERPRETATION SERVICE Interpretation Services

Interpretation services for smooth communication

We suggest interpreters with high-level communication skills for any site or situation that requires seamless communication that transcends language barriers. Our full-time coordinators will accurately comprehend your business requirements and arrange the most appropriate interpreter to tackle your task or project.

  • On-site InterpretationOn-site Interpretation
    On-site Interpretation

    Interpreters will accompany you anywhere in the country or abroad.
    Our interpreters, all of whom have high-level communication skills and extensive field experience, can help ensure you complete your work and projects smoothly.

    Available Languages English / Chinese / Italian / French / German / Russian / Other languages
    Specialized Fields Environment / Energy / Construction / Machinery / Equipment / Others
  • Interpretation and AttendanceInterpretation and Attendance
    Interpretation and Attendance

    We can provide you with the best interpreter to meet your requirements in a variety of situations.
    We can provide conference interpreters for meetings of any size, from negotiations with a small number of people to international forums. When accompanying clients on overseas visits, we can provide not only interpretation services but also full support from the start of travel to the duration of the client’s stay. You can rely on us to take care of you whether it is your first or latest assignment overseas.
    For foreigner workers coming to Japan, the global service group’s support for residing in Japan is also available.

    Interpretation Services International conferences / Forums / Participation in exhibitions / Overseas visits / Negotiations / Presentation training / Seminars / Attending to foreign workers / Interviews

TEC Business Services will help you solve your problems


    • We have never commissioned a translation, so we do not know how to go about it.
    • We have a large amount of documents that need to be translated.
      Files are in different formats and some pages are missing original data files.
      Our delivery schedule is tight and budgets are limited.
    • Our full-time coordinator handles all processes from consultation to delivery.
    • We understand your requirements, identify your goals, and propose the best translation solution to meet your delivery and budget requirements while ensuring quality.
    • Deliver translations that meet your requirements on time.
    • From the next time on, you will feel more confident and able to ask us for translation services whenever you require them.


    • More foreign workers will join domestic work sites that have people from many walks of life.
    • We are worried about whether the work will proceed smoothly and on time to meet the completion targets.

    Interpreters with extensive field experience support smooth communication in the field.


    Minimize time lag resulting from language differences, maintain good staff relations on site, and complete construction work on schedule.